AAAI-99 Workshop
Negotiation: Settling conflicts and identifying opportunities
July 19, 1999


Organizing committee members:


Agents interact with other agents in their environment in a variety of circumstances. Multiple agents in such shared environments have to tradeoff goals with others because of resource constraints and goal conflicts. On the other hand, agents can engage in fruitful dialogue by which they can unearth new possibilities and form new productive partnerships. Negotiation is a process by which agents interactively settle on mutually agreeable behaviors to serve common purpose.

Agents negotiate under a variety of information, time, and computational restrictions. A key research issue in agents and multiagent research is to develop negotiation procedures by which agents can efficiently and effectively negotiate solutions. Effectiveness requires that the outcome is fair, acceptable, or desirable to the parties involved in the negotiation process. Efficiency requires that the procedure is not excessively time-consuming or computing-intensive.

Topics of interest

Workshop format

The workshop will contain paper sessions on common themes with panels at the end to compare/contrast the presentations. We also plan to host an invited speaker.

Workshop attendance

Participation will be by invitation only (limited to 40 people).

Submission Requirements

E-mail postscript copy of one of the following to Direct correspondence to:
Sandip Sen
Department of Mathematical & Computer Sciences,
University of Tulsa,
600 South College Avenue,
Tulsa, OK 74104-3189.
Phone: 918-631-2985
FAX: 918-631-3077.

Important Dates

Deadline for paper submission: March 12, 1999
Acceptance notice to participants: March 26, 1999
Camera-ready papers due: April 21, 1999

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